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Motor Third-Party


This policy covers the third party against Bodily injury and death resulting from a car accident caused by the insured the legal liability of the insured where damage.. read more

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Home Protection Plan


Every year, families suffer losses or damages to their household items as a result of fire, flood and windstorm This products is designed to help you recover your loss in event of any of these risks.. read more

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Royal Personal Care


Ensure you have adequate provision for yourself against unforeseen circumstances. Facing everyday life risks could result in an accident. This product provides compensation for medical expenses.. read more

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Shop Protection Plan


Shops, supermarket business owners are exposed to risks of loss or damage resulting from fire, burglary, flood, windstorm etc. You get protection for your goods and shop/office.. read more

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Parcel protection plan


This plan provides cover for your goods while in transit by road, rail, or inland waterway. It also covers your goods while boarding or unloading and while temporarily garaged in the course of transit.. read more


Royal Group Care


Royal Group Care is an insurance product that is specially and uniquely designed for Groups, Associations and Staff of organizations to provide compensation in case of an accident resulting in bodily injury, .. read more

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Drivers & Riders Protection


This product is a compensation plan specially designed for licensed, personal drivers, corporate drivers, Commercial drivers, Dispatch riders, Tricycle riders and.. read more

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Royal Family Care


Ensure your family have adequate provision for yourself against unexpected events such as accidents. This product provides compensation for you and your family members in a case of such event.. read more

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Student Protection Plan


Sometimes children/ward drops out of school due to permanent disability or death of parent or guardian. This cover provide students/ward the assurance of continuous education in situation where.. read more

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